Florida Tourism

tourism floridaFlorida has a very strong draw for tourists everywhere. Florida is one of those unique states that has something for everyone, which is why its tourism industry is very strong. There are natural wonders and man-made glamours, beaches and world class restaurants, lush greenery and opulent displays of money, as well as oddities of nature and luxury spa facilities. People live permanently in Florida, but even more vacation there, which has earned the state a reputation for being somewhat lawless. When wealthy people go somewhere to have a good time, law enforcement looks the other way sometimes in order to keep the tourism revenue coming in. Despite these claims, Florida is one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the United States, with several tourist attractions standing out as its most reputable landmarks.

  • The beaches of Florida are one of its biggest draws to tourists. Comprised of beautiful white and multicolored sand and perfectly clear crystal blue water, people travel the world over to spend time on the beaches of Florida. Their beauty is unsurpassed. The recreational opportunities on Florida’s beaches are also a big draw, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and boat tours. Beach hospitality in the form of bars and resorts is also a favorite destination of many.
  • The keys and islands have a similar draw as the beaches but are more unique than a beach. They are islands off the coast of Florida that have long been destinations for song writers and local cultural figures. Jimmy Buffet is probably the most well known of these figures.
  • The everglades are a source of extreme fascination to many tourists. They are a swampy region with mangrove trees growing out of the water. They are probably best known for the large alligator population they support. This national park is one of the most well known in the southern half of the United States.
  • For those who prefer civilization to natural elements, Miami and South Beach are beautiful city destinations that feature boutique shopping, fine dining, nightclubs and bars. This area is commonly known as one of the most desirable places to do some urban exploration.