Reasons to Love Florida

love FloridaFlorida is a state unlike any other. Because of Florida’s proximity to the Atlantic ocean and the equator, it is the only continental state with tropical vegetation and weather. No where else in the United States, with the exception of Hawaii, can one experience the benefits of a tropical lifestyle. Florida is unique in a number of lovable ways which keep travelers returning to Florida for a lifetime, and keep locals loyal to their roots. In specific, the reasons that Florida is the best are its scenery, its weather and its attractions.

The scenery in Florida is to die for. Everyone has seen postcards and images of Florida’s natural beauty, but unless you have been there in person, you cannot understand the sheer euphoria that the scenery in Florida promotes. The ocean and the horizon extend in front of you for an eternity, filling your vision with simple, profound beauty. The waves lap repetitively onto the sand, which is finely ground and soft from years of being pulverized by the ocean’s force. Beaches of white or light colored sand stretch for miles and miles along the coastline, producing palm trees that sway in the wind and bask in the warm, plentiful sunlight.

The weather in Florida is heavenly. It is true that, from time to time, hurricane season brings in some terrifying, destructive weather, but this is only during a specific season. The rest of the year, with little exception, the weather is nothing but agreeable and temperate. Being on the coast and near the equator means that temperatures stay largely consistent year round. There is little seasonal fluctuation, and beach visits may still occur during winter. Tropical storms may roll through, but Florida earned itself the nickname “The Sunshine State” for a reason. The sun shines in Florida much more consistently than in the average state, promoting pleasant conditions year round. The water off of Florida’s coast stays warm enough to swim in year round.